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Trick or (Tr)Eat: the Halloween Tradition

Can one really be too old for Trick or Treat? If you had asked me when I was 5 years old, the answer would have been “Never!” 

Though I don’t remember this, our family pictures showed that I was dressed as a Pony when I was 2. That was the first Halloween that I was able to walk up to the neighbours’ doors and wish them a Happy Halloween. According to my parents, the fun lasted for all of 10 minutes. After 5 houses, I was ready to come home and start eating my candies!

As I got older and enjoyed making crafts and all things DIY, I started making my own costumes. I made anything from an American Girl doll to a Cactus. Halloween is one my favourite days of the year, and it’s not only because of the treats, but because of the excitement leading up to it. I get to plan what I want to be, how to make that costume, and where my friends and I should go to get the most candies. 

To be honest, the candies are no longer the most important part of the night for me. It’s the opportunity to hang out and be silly with my friends, and to see all the decorations that makes the evening a lot of fun. 

A few years ago, I was made aware that the university students from my town still dressed up in costumes and went around knocking on doors on Halloween night. But instead of candies, they collected non-perishable food for our local food bank! They called this Trick or Eat! Apparently, a few weeks before Halloween, the food bank included a brown paper bag in our local newspapers. People who would like to participate then filled the paper bag with donations, and left it by the door for the students to pick up. I thought this was a fantastic idea. The older kids  get to enjoy the tradition of Trick or Treat while helping our community! Each Halloween Day, the students collect almost 1/3 of the amount of food the food bank requests, on just one night. That is truly impressive. 

So, am I going to ever be too old for Trick or Treat? I’m now 13 years old, and my answer is still “Never!” I will always enjoy going Trick or (Tr)eat, whether I pick up candies or donations for our food bank. If you see me at your door, please be generous. 🥰 Thank you, and Happy Halloween!

-- Written by Ashley Taylor

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