Meet our Team!

YOC's team consists of a diverse group of youth in both high school and university from all around Canada!

Galiya Vendrov

Founder and CEO

Hello, Canada! My name is Galiya, and I am from Stouffville, Ontario. I am a Queen's University Commerce student absolutely fascinated with entrepreneurship and community involvement. Thank you all for being a part of the Youth of Canada community! 

I hope that YOC helps you on your journey of finding your passion, provides you with some experiential learning, and aids you in making your future the brightest it can be. Get out there, and be awesome!


I am always open to connecting:


LinkedIn: Galiya Vendrov

Myra Godara

Director of Internal Operations

I live in Markham, Ontario as a Grade 11 IB student at St. Robert Catholic High School. Although my schedule is always hectic, I enjoy spending time with my family and just relaxing whenever I can.

My ultimate goal in YOC is I want to help other students who were like me, find their inner potential as I know they have the power to do it, they just need the opportunity to do so :)

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Catherine Mulcaster

Director of External Operations

 I am currently a grade 11 student from Ontario. Throughout my time at high school, Youth of Canada has opened several doors for me and has helped me to be in the position I am today! I am so grateful for the organization and I hope that you will be able to say the same.

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Vidhi Ruparel

Director of Logistics

I was born in India, and I’m currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area, while studying at Bur Oak Secondary School in Markham.


When I came to Canada, I did not know about the opportunities offered for youth. I was inspired by Youth of Canada’s purpose of helping youth find their passion by making opportunities accessible. 


I love learning about new technologies and entrepreneurship! And when no one’s watching, you’d find me trying to practice new languages and accents! 


I hope that through my contribution towards YOC, you would be able to become the best version of yourself! And when you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on!

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Vivek Patil

Director of Outreach and External Affairs

Hello Canada! I was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario and now am in my second year of Medical Sciences at Western University.


I feel that organizations like Youth of Canada are a strongly beneficial resource for students wishing to advance their careers and experiences by making opportunities more accessible to everyone. 


I hope you take some time to explore the hundreds of amazing opportunities we have, and hopefully you find one for you!


Sherin Kalathil

Research Development Director

I am from the Greater Toronto Area, currently in my junior year at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School. 


I was drawn to the Youth of Canada as I know how hard it can be to find opportunities to grow and succeed, and how rewarding it can be to find new passions! 


I hope our work here at YOC inspires all of you to pursue your passions and get out of your comfort zone - here's to becoming the best versions of ourselves!

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Stacy Zhang

Social Media & Graphics Coordinator

I was raised in New Brunswick and China, and currently reside in the Greater Toronto Area as an intensive arts high school student, majoring in music.


I have always wanted to pursue my passions in a more professional environment - for me, graphic design was the way to go!


I hope that my contributions to Youth of Canada can help you find your passion, and help you discover ways to incorporate what you love into both your casual and professional life. Get out there and try something new!


Muhaddisa Sarwari

Logistics Coordinator

I am originally from Afghanistan, and I currently live in Vancouver, studying at Fraser Heights Secondary.


I am an avid reader and I enjoy learning new languages! Being a part of Youth of Canada has given me the opportunity to get involved with empowering youth, aiming towards providing valuable opportunities and resources for Canadian youth to fuel their dreams. 


I am incredibly determined to perform as best as I can to be a source of support and assistance to the youth that are working hard to become their best selves!

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Joy Ge

Logistics Technology Coordinator

Hey there! I'm from Ontario and I am currently a grade 10 student at Westlane Secondary.


I enjoy figure skating and art, as well as creating a sustainable impact. I am passionate about implementing inclusive and equitable opportunities for all intersectionalities. 


I hope that through my contributions to YOC, we can make resources and opportunities accessible to everyone. 


Carpe Diem everyone :D


Panth Desai

Research Development Officer

Hello! I am currently in Grade 10 at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Ontario.


I love to play sports and love to read all types of books. I always had a passion for helping others so I relish volunteering and contributing to Youth of Canada.


Youth of Canada’s mission inspired me to join them and provide others with opportunities to make them the leaders of tomorrow!

Anuj Y

Research Development Officer

Hi, I'm Anuj, a highly determined and ambitious grade 10 Pre-IB student at Harold M Brathwaite Secondary School. 

I am a very enthusiastic person who loves meeting and talking to new people. With a strong work-ethic, I took up the position as a researcher to enhance my skills and YOC's main goal to help others inspired me to join them. 

I hope that my contributions at YOC will be able to make a difference for the youth in our community and those be able to find the opportunities that they want. 


Christina Li

Research Development Officer

I am a current grade 12 student in the IB programme studying in Ontario, Canada. If not studying for tests or programming, I can be found reading books, doing business contests with my friends or participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities! 

I love the opportunities and the emphasis placed on youth for YOC, and I love to be part of such a great team. From creative writing to hackathons, I have benefited greatly from the experiences YOC offers and always like to contribute to Canadian students. 


Krish Mendapara

Research Development Officer

I was raised in the Greater Toronto Area and I am currently in my sophomore year at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School. I'm an enthusiastic learner, constantly striving to learn new things and gain new experiences. I am very passionate about STEM fields, and my knowledge of various opportunities helps in my position as a researcher here at YOC. During my time here at YOC, I hope to help youth discover their passions and find enriching opportunities that will give them lifelong memories that they can cherish. 


Laura Lin

Finance Director

Hi Canada! 


My name is Laura and I'm currently studying Commerce in university! I am very grateful to be able to work with many talented individuals in YOC and also provide youths with the necessary resources and information and improve daily living! I am looking forward to work in the Finance team and help grow this amazing community!


During my free time, I like to binge shows such as K-drama, American TV shows and anime and I'm a huge marvel fan! It's nice to meet you all.







Amy Duan

Finance Manager

Hi everyone, my name is Amy Duan and I am one of your Finance Executives. I am currently a grade eleven student attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia. 


I joined YOC to be part of a great team and have the opportunity to work with so many driven and passionate youths. I hope that my contributions to Youth of Canada can help you find your passion and gain more opportunities! 

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Lucy Lu
Finance Manager

Hello! My name is Lucy and I’m a grade 12 student from Ontario. I’m very passionate about finance and management. I also enjoy participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities and trying new things.


I’m really excited to be here at YOC, working with our amazing team to provide countless opportunities for youths across Canada!



Finance Manager


Finance Manager

Lucie Y

Graphic Designer

I'm a current Grade 11 student residing in Alberta. I am passionate about all things STEM, music, and art and enjoy drinking bubble tea whenever possible. 

YOC has opened my eyes to to amazing opportunities for students and I hope to help you discover your passions and your future! Spread your wings!


Evelyn Lee

Graphic Designer

I'm a grade nine student in the IB program in Ontario. I absolutely love STEM, the arts, and fantasy! Youth of Canada has opened me up to so many opportunities, and I joined the team in hopes of giving back and helping other youth find their passions and reach their full potential.


Definitely check out all YOC has to offer and really optimize their resources. Trust me, Youth of Canada is the way to go to achieve all your greatest aspirations! 


Josie Tang

Graphic Designer

I'm Josie, a grade 11 student from Richmond Hill, Ontario. I'm passionate about reading, drawing and graphic design!


YOC is a youth-led organization that has provided students with so many opportunities, and I'm excited to be able to join this team and do the same. I hope that my contributions to Youth of Canada will help you find your passion too!


Daniel Bersyniow

National Ambassador Co-Lead

As a grade 11 honor roll student at Sir Robert Borden High School, Daniel Berysniow is involved in all parts of the school life and has a talent for advocacy.


Daniel represents students at his school as a member of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s Student Senate. He also organizes student’s in the SRB Youth of Canada Club where he works with local leaders to bring unique volunteer opportunities to Ottawa youth. 


He believes in creating collaborative change that transforms lives with crafted solutions that are adaptive, effective and sustained long term.

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