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Time Travel, Winning the Lottery, and the Future -- Cameron's Insight!

The following are three brief stories written by Cameron McIlroy discussing the wonders of time travel, winning the lottery, and travelling to the future!


Time Travel

If time travel were real what would you do? Would you travel to the past, or to the future? Would you go to the painting of the Mona Lisa? Or would you see the world as it would be in a hundred years? I, myself love history. I love learning about what has happened before our time. To get the opportunity to travel back in time, to see first-hand how our society came to be, would be a journey well spent.

Most of us associate time travel with science fiction, but what if it were real? To blast back to the past. Imagine the excitement of witnessing the Eiffel Tower being built in France. Or experiencing the thrill of The Leaning Tower of Pisa creation in Italy. Watching the beginning of these creations that would one day be the most historical sites known to man, would be a great adventure!

Traveling back in time to experience the diverse culture and society back when times seemed much simpler, would allow individuals, like myself, to learn about the traditional lifestyle. To taste the custom food, to hear the cheers of people, and to see the way of life, for myself.

Everyone has their own interpretation of what time travel is or what it could be. It is unclear if time travel will ever be a possibility. But if it ever were real in the future, I would travel to the past!


Winning the Lottery!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Fortune, property, fame, you could have it all! What would you do with the winnings of this grand prize? Would you buy a new house? A car? Would you share it with your loved ones? There are endless amounts of possibilities!

A simple ticket could change your life. The overwhelming excitement of hearing the winning numbers; the exact same numbers on your ticket! It would be the moment that would change your life forever! Hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars given directly to you!

The house you have always wanted, and the car too! A ticket to the moon, or the ability to travel wherever you desire. Wouldn’t it be nice to win one day? All the glory and riches. The comfort and wealth. Knowing that you could have anything you have ever wanted in a heartbeat.

The opportunity to share this wealth with your family and friends would be a gift in itself as well. The freedom to contribute your new gift to everyone that you care about. The look of gratitude on their faces or the joy that would fill their hearts!

As we think of all the wonderful opportunities winning the lottery could bring us, we must look back on all the magnificent memories and gifts we have been given in our lives. I ask you to be grateful for all the memories and thoughts that you have remembered throughout your life. Reflect on them and recall all the positive emotions that it has brought you! Being joyful does not require bring rich, but only rich in happiness!


Traveling to the Future!

If time travel were real what would you do? Would you travel to the past, or to the future? Would you go to the painting of the Mona Lisa? Or would you see the world as it would be in a hundred years? Change can be a good thing. Experiencing a different lifestyle, in a modified society, would be an interesting adventure. The possibility of creating a time machine seems very unlikely, but to some, not impossible. If time travel were ever accessible for human use, I would journey to future time.

Being able to experience the world’s new society and culture would be the opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine having a flying car shoot over your head, while you dash across water. Or could there be hologram-like people walking around a new technological city? Would there be new inventions that could benefit the world for the greater good?

Traveling to the future would be a chance to learn and educate ourselves on how we should and how we should not treat to our earth. What if we did not live on earth anymore? Where would we go? Living in the stormy climate of Jupiter or the cold climate of Neptune.

The future is unclear for all of us individuals. The possibilities of how we will live or even where we will live are endless. The future holds many bright plans and opportunities for each one of us!

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