Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Taking the plunge and going to school abroad, given the inherent clash of cultures is exhilarating despite occasional setbacks. Aiming for international student scholarships adds to the challenge but is worth the effort. I know firsthand that such aspirations definitely push international students to reach new levels.

Here in Vancouver, BC, there are annual Vancouver School Board (VSB) District International Student Scholarships. Specifically, the top competitive scholarships include: the Most Outstanding Awards for each grade level from 8 to 11; Outstanding Academic Award (Killeen Award); and Outstanding International Student Award (Bob Fitzpatrick Award).

During my very first year 2016-2017 in Vancouver, thankfully, I was able to win the Most Outstanding Grade 10 Award. As a grade 11 student during 2017-2018 school year, I received an honourable mention for the same type of award. Thus, I would like to share my experience with scholarship essays, my own understanding of winning these kinds of opportunities and some personal advice/tips. Although I had an average of 97 in Grade 10 and 98 in Grade 11, it is honestly not just about having top grades. Both times, I was surprised by my results because there are so many exceptional students. I believe my breadth of experiences was central to winning the scholarship.