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My Passion For Cooking -- By Daniel Kelsall-Plotkin

Hello everyone. My name is Daniel Kelsall-Plotkin and I am the founder of The Chef Daniel Show, a cooking channel on YouTube. Click on the following link to see my channel:

I am looking forward to telling you a little bit about myself and how my passion for cooking was born and developed.

My passion for cooking began at a young age, when I was 5-6 years old. My dad would often cook hearty breakfasts at my cottage like scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes and bacon, or sometimes eggs with tomatoes and bacon. I loved the breakfasts, but a question loomed above me: how did my dad make these delicious meals?

My answer was soon revealed at age 6. Before that age, I would not often peer into the kitchen. One day, I was drawn to the kitchen on “pancake day.” I asked my dad if I could help him. From that point on, I got more and more proficient in the kitchen.

A big part of my cooking career started on Christmas day, 2018. My mom had gotten me a subscription to a monthly recipe box called Raddish. (Rad dish). A big shout out to Raddish, it is amazing and kids everywhere should try it!!!

My luck with Raddish was phenomenal. I have never had a recipe from a Raddish box that was anything less than delicious! It really helped me.

I will now fast forward to 2020. I was right in the middle of the COVID lockdown. My parents and I are big fans of hiking in the Rockies in Alberta, and COVID would not stop us going there. My dad and mom bought tickets, and we were going to the Rockies.

One of the hikes we took was called “Helen Lake.” It was quite long, and I wanted to engage in some conversation with my parents. I brought up a subject that was not usually discussed: my passion for cooking. My mom and dad had strong opinions, like me, about my cooking. I then said a phrase that would change my life in a way: If I enjoy cooking and I am good at it, why don’t I start a YouTube channel to teach other kids and parents how fun cooking is? My parents thought it was a phenomenal idea.

Fast forward back to my house. My parents had bought a subscription to a “masterclass,” an online class with the best people on the subject. We got a masterclass starring Gabriella Camara, a Mexican chef. She had a signature video in which she made tortillas. I thought: why can’t I do that? So I gathered ingredients and got the objects, like a tortilla press and a special pan called a comal. When I got very good at making my tortillas, I asked my mom to film me making them. The video was a big hit in my family. I decided to ask my parents if they liked the idea of putting the video on a YouTube channel. They loved the idea.

A little while later, around December 14, I woke up to find my mom curled up on a sofa with her iPad. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was putting some final touches onto my tortilla video. I watched it over with my mom, and declared that the video was perfect. Later on that day, The Chef Daniel Show went public on YouTube. It was launched!

In every video, I will not only cook the food and share great recipes, but also mention a person or organization that is doing good in the world. In the last few videos, I have featured 4Ocean. 4Ocean helps clean the oceans. Did you know that 4,000,000,000 pounds of plastic end up in the ocean each year????? 4Ocean is making a huge impact and I highly recommend donating to this great cause. This year I donated my entire charity piggy bank to 4Ocean.

Here are some photos of my cooking adventures through the years. I hope my story has intrigued you to start your own cooking adventure!


Thank you


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