Canada Remembers

I don’t remember many things that happened when I was 2, but I remember this... There was a parade in my town. Someone in red uniform was riding a horse. My mom held my and my brother’s hands as we joined in the parade, and we all had a red poppy on our heart. 

Growing up near Guelph, Ontario, the birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD, Remembrance Day has always been very special to me. “In Flanders Fields”, the poem written by John McCrae during the First World War, was something we know and learn from a very young age. One of our favourite school trips is to McCrae House museum. Weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, Air, Sea, and Army cadets cover the city, handing out poppies, in support of the Royal Canadian Legion. We all are so proud to display our gratitude to our veterans and all the heroes currently serving our country, by wearing the poppies.