A Leadership Program That Changed My Life

Over the 2019 summer, I had the privilege to attend the Pathfinder Leadership Program at Camp Kandalore under a full scholarship, and I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on my life afterwards. This journey first started when I saw an ad for the scholarship applications on Instagram. From reading the website, the program seemed highly intriguing; participants would get to go on a whitewater canoe trip, earn their ORCKA Level 3 (whatever that​ was), earn volunteer hours and a high school credit, and more. Additionally, I had never attended a summer camp before, so this would be a new experience to try. After I submitted my application, I had an interview, and a week later, I received an email about the leadership program; I had received a full scholarship and was the only one to that summer! I was ecstatic​, and I had so many questions to ask. However, leading up to the summer, since I was accepted months before then, the issue of transportation arose which was a potential barrier between me and camp. At that point, I started to lose interest in the program as I considered the length of it; it was a month-long, and I had never been away from home for such a period of time. Fortunately, my friends and family encouraged me to go, and I am grateful for it; the camp experience and environment were ​incredible​.

Life At Camp I recall first getting off